gone fishin’

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pond in colorado springs
B&W pond in Colorado Springs ©2015 Candice Burg All Rights Reserved.

I think of myself as a non-linear visual storyteller. This work was created before works previously shared. Such as One Last Exploration which was the closing of the chapter when in our lives we lived nestled in a tiny home that backed up to foothills and could easily escape into nature. While living there we found so many gorgeous places to take pictures in Colorado Springs. It was freeing to go for a walk, explore and know that I probably wouldn’t run into a person but I would for sure run into wildlife such as deer, snakes, raccoons and even once a terrifying wind scorpion. I was also able to start teaching my son how to fish which he became obsessed with for a bit.

Sadly a year is all we could do, and when that year lease was up, it required we move back to a big city. Schools in smaller towns just don’t offer enough when it comes to special education. I do have to commend them for doing exceedingly well when it came to inclusion.

Currently, we are smooshed into downtown Denver. While living here, we take advantage of what it does offer. Such as easily attending any and all parades, demonstrations and firework displays. Museums are easy to get to, and many have special mornings reserved for the special needs community. Woo woo! My kiddo even shares a Lyft ride with a classmate every day to get to school. Haha oh, we so fancy!

“There are darknesses in life
and there are lights,
and you are one of the lights,
the light of all lights.”

— Bram Stoker, Dracula

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