Underneath it All

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Shadowed conceptual portrait
Denver, Colorado ©2017 Candice Burg All Rights Reserved.

I recently read the book “Everybody Lies” by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz. It was thought-provoking and interesting. It was, of course, easy to look at others spot their masks and go “oh so and so is just like that” and “so and so would have lied there too.” Being honest is something I pride myself on. However; if I want to be truly honest, I have to admit that the person I am lying to is possibly myself. What is it the drives me and what is underneath it all?

One of the most significant reminders or possibly lessons I received for 2017 is that basically everyone I know is living under a big giant mask. There were people this past year that I wanted to shake, slap or possibly dump cold water on just to wake them up.

Though it is easy to pick apart another it is also a waste of time. I feel that when you recognize this in others, you need to turn it inward and ask yourself “why does this resonate?” I had to look at what I do or strive towards and exactly why? What is the cloak or mask I am trying to wear? What desire could I remove that would ultimately make me happier?

During this shoot, we did some concepts that Christina Sachi (the model) was interested in and then she played my “no face” character. To me, Underneath it All it is a depiction of that wondering. That wondering that if you remove that mask what is indeed underneath?

“Sometimes the hardest
person to walk away
from is the person
you’ve always
assumed you were.”

— JmStorm

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